Jul 9, 2011

Friday Firsts

We've had quite a few firsts this week with Isabel. I can't believe how fast she is growing up! Next week she will be 8 months old, and in the past couple of weeks she has blossomed into such a sweet little girl. I love watching her discover new things, taste new foods, and that sweet little smile.

This week was Isabel's first real bath without a seat in the tub. She absolutely loves it! It makes washing hair a little difficult for mommy, but seeing her splash around is so much fun for me. I need to figure out some inexpensive or possibly DIY bath toys so that she has something else to explore while she is in the tub. Any ideas?

I finally got around to installing Isabel's new "big girl" car seat this week too. It's huge and she looks super comfy in it. I thought it was going to be really difficult taking her in restaurants and stores without the carry-with-you car seat, but she's great at sitting in high chairs and shopping carts! We have a super cute high chair/cart cover and she just looks around and takes everything in. Even better if she has a baby mum mum to snack on :)

Future foodie in the making here, folks. Isabel loves trying new foods and new textures. My mom always said how much my sister and I loved chewing on pickles when we were little, so tonight after a desperate attempt to keep Isabel entertained and quite so I could eat dinner with my darling husband, I thought maybe a new distraction would buy me a few minutes to eat. I was totally right. I love when mommy hood works out that way.

At first she wasn't quite sure what the slimy thing I was putting in her hand was, but she can not help but put everything in her mouth, so that's where it went. And she loved it! She kept dropping it, haha, but otherwise she chewed on that thing for several minutes, allowing mommy to eat the wonderful steak that daddy grilled, and my favorite... fresh corn on the cob.

And just because I think it's insanely cute - Isabel and her kitty, Clark. They are fascinated with each other. He is incredibly sweet to let her touch and grab his fur and sometimes even slobber on him, haha.

Everyday I see more ways that Isabel is just like me, or just like Daddy Drew - poor child, haha. But having a kid gets more fun everyday. I am so looking forward to new firsts and new adventures.

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