Jul 9, 2011

Like Daddy

As Isabel grows, her personality is really starting to emerge. It is funny to see little pieces of myself and of Daddy Drew in her. Can you see the resemblance in the photo above? Poor thing is too much like me for her own good already, but here are the top 5 traits I hope Isabel inherits from her Daddy.

1. His sense of humor.
2. His kind and generous nature.
3. His passion for learning.
4. His love for God.
5. His appreciation for nature and the world around him.

And here are the things she is doomed to inherit from me, haha.
1. Sweet tooth
2. Hefty thighs
3. A touch of the crazy - I really am sorry about this, little one. :)
4. Being a night owl, but otherwise loving sleep.
5. A love for music and singing.

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