Jul 5, 2011

A Moment in the Life of...


This evening after a bath and footie pajamas, Isabel and I read Go Dog! Go! while laying on our tummies on the big bed. My favorite part of that book was always "It's a dog party! Big dogs, little dogs, red dogs, blue dogs, yellow dogs, green dogs, black dogs, white dogs." She looked so cute that I had to snap a few photos. She loves my new old phone and has fun holding it. Book, phone, paci and footies... what more could a girl ask for?

What was your favorite childhood book?


Drew was a busy guy today. He trimmed the yard, Cleared off the patio, smoked ribs, blew stuff up with me and still was sweet enough to do the dishes. Jealous? I know, he's the best. My very favorite quote on The Little Rascals was Darla saying "He makes me melt like a Popsicle on the fourf of July."... and that he does.

Marcie aka Me

This was a very different 4th of July for me. I was telling Drew earlier that I think this might be the first year in my whole life I have not either been to a party or hosted a party. But I am not complaining. I had a lovely night hanging out with my favorite people. Drew made it really fun by having some fireworks and making me laugh. I'm totally content with wearing a baby monitor on my hip while illegally lighting fire works in the back yard :)

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