Aug 13, 2011

10 Things That Make Me Smile

Ten Things That Make Me Smile:

1.  My sweet family playing in bed on lazy mornings.  Daddy Drew and I become the jungle gym to our active little Isabel in between kisses and snuggles.  I love those moments.

2.  Isabel's awesome bed head - it's the craziest bed head I have ever seen, next to my dad's.
3.  My best friends - I am SO very blessed to have several amazing girl friends to grow with, laugh with, craft with, eat with, and experience life with.

4.  Rain!  After 40 consecutive days of temperatures over 100 degrees and no rain, we finally got a small sprinkle this morning.  We could use some more, but it was so sweet to wake up to a wet back yard this morning.

5. Good food - Enchiladas last night, coffee this morning, BBQ to celebrate mom's birthday last week - I love good food.
6.  Being creative.  I have a long list of supplies to get at Michael's this afternoon - so many fun things to make!

7.  God's blessings - there have been some majorly HUGE prayers answered this week - more on that in my next post, but it's definitely been cause for some smiles this week.

8.  My new classroom - There are over 100 cubbies in my new classroom - that may sound silly to you, but to an art teacher, that is cause for celebration!

9.  My husband - he's kind, funny, thoughtful, helpful, smart, strong, and he is making me pasta for lunch right now.  I love that guy.


10.  Baby laughs - there is no sweeter sound in the ENTIRE world.

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