Aug 14, 2011

Aunt Marcie

This is the story of a beginning. A beautiful, happy, perfect beginning. This story will have no end, only a "to be continued..." because we are witnessing the beginning of Baby Workman.

I have known my best friend forever, Macy, since Kindergarten. We have one of those rare friendships that has stood the test of time, the test of high school, the test of boys and marriage, and college, and even a baby. No matter how long it has been since we've seen each other or talked, we always pick up right where we left off. She is as close to my sister as you can get without actually being related, and what a blessing that God thought I should have her in my life.

Macy and her husband, Chris, are wonderful people. Though we are not Catholic, Drew and I decided that they should be the "godparents" for Isabel - someone that is not a grandparent that can love her as much as we do, and they definitely do. They will make AMAZING parents. Macy has been through some major trials and tribulations in her life, but has overcome them all and always wears a smile on her face. I know they have been mulling over the idea of children for a while now, but due to some health issues Macy faced, it could not be their number one priority. Macy told me about 3 weeks ago that they were going to start trying to have a baby... yes, you read right. THREE WEEKS! When God starts moving, He certainly makes himself known, am I right??

Wednesday, Macy was sick... or so she thought. She had a fever and didn't feel well (I'd like to interject here that I knew at this point she was pregnant, even if she did not yet, haha). Thursday night, she called me - just as I had called her about a year and a half ago - with a pregnancy test with the faintest pink line. If you are a mom, I am sure you can relate to the feeling that Macy felt - "Is this right? What if I am dreaming it. I don't want to get my hopes up! It has only been a month, surely it couldn't have happened that fast!". 47 pregnancy tests later, she was convinced enough to tell her husband, haha. Ok, 47 may be a bit of an exaggeration, but she did the same thing I did - several different brands, several different times. I even took one so that she could see that it was accurate (don't worry, it said negative, haha).

Here is the Mama, still in shock and a bit overwhelmed, but already glowing with that tiny baby growing inside her. Macy, you're going to be a MOM! Can you believe it!!?!?!I honestly do not remember the last time I was excited enough to squeal and jump up and down, but that is what I did when she told me - and again that night after I got home - and again the next morning. I am still SO giddy. I get to be an aunt to the second most amazing creation on the planet (Isabel is first, of course, haha). I am already so in love with this little one. I'm sure Macy is not quite ready for the explosion of planning that is going on in my brain, but I already have ideas for the baby shower, newborn photos, and I have already planned for my mom to watch Isabel when Macy has the baby, haha.

Me and Macy... and our children. The thought still makes me tear up a bit. I am so happy for my sweet friend. We would love for our babies to be best friends just like we were - pink bike shorts and side pony tails and all, but we'll wait and see. Who knows... maybe it will be a boy, and then Macy and I could be in-laws!! Whoo, ok, slow down Aunt Marcie. Let's take this one day at a time, haha.

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