Sep 14, 2011

Well With My Soul

 "For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." Phil 4:11

A lesson learned over and over and over again... or maybe I just haven't actually learned it yet. I'm all about having little reminders through my house of the woman I want to be.  This one is above my mantle.  

I found an old piece of chip board in the back of my classroom that had seen better days - it was stained, painted on, and just generally unusable for our art purposes in the class.  I didn't want to throw it away, so I thought I would make something out of it.  (symbolic, no?)  So, I printed off the letters on my computer and drew them with Pencil.  Then I used grey acrylic paint and painted around the letters.  It only took me about half an hour, and I love the look of it above my mantle.


Anonymous said...

truly beautiful!!! love it you creative momma you!
p.s. i still want you to teach me to print on t-shirts... in your spare time of course ;-)

Janet Ellis said...

Marcie, This is just beautiful. You have inspired me to try and do this myself as well. I have a bare mantle...perhaps it has been waiting for this. ~Blessings, Janet

Becky said...

I feel the same way when I take an old piece of something and am restoring it. I think--that's what God does with us. We are dirty, dingy, dinged and damaged, and discarded and he takes us and remakes us making us something beautiful.

Anonymous said...

this is so cute! i can't wait to do this myself! What a good idea!

xo, Kelsey Belle

Anonymous said...

How did you do the letters??

Marcie said...

To Anonymous who asked how I did the letters - for this project, I used a projector in my classroom to project the letters on the board. I copied around them with a pencil, and then carefully painted around them. I show another option in this post -

You can also use tape to block off your letters, though I found it easier with such large letters just to carefully paint around the edges.