Feb 9, 2012

A Picture Post

Isabel's new tent for her bedroom. It's a lot bigger than mommy thought, so it has to wait to go in her room until we do some re-arranging. The cars, however, like the tent a lot more than Izzy.

Hey Isabel, where's your belly?

She knows where Olivia is, too!

My sweet girl :)

I adore this picture - I found Isabel rolling around behind the curtain playing with Clark. They are such good friends!

Isabel got to color for the first time today! She loved it and I did too! I for see lots of art projects in our future!

Feb 2, 2012

Two Things I Learned Today

1. Isabel's playtime logic could prove to be very beneficial to me :
We had one of Isabel's buddies over tonight so his dad could get some work done on their new house. Isabel was tired and a little whiney and wasn't so sure about Daniel playing with her toys. So, instead of pitching a fit about him touching her stuff, she began picking up all of her toys and putting them where they go. Selfish induced cleaning? Never heard of it before, but it worked, and our living room didn't look so much like a disaster :)

Putting away her things didn't work every time, though, so those items were tossed under the couch in a "If I can't play with them, no one can" last ditch effort.

She may have this a little messed up, but she's a smart girl who gets what she wants :)

2. Melted crayons are SO pretty :

I had an urge... A craving, one might say, to be crafty tonight. It doesn't happen often, so when I feel compelled, I try to go with it. Tonight, I decided to make new, fun, pretty crayons out of old crayons. I saw a pin on Pinterest where someone made Valentines by sticking a home made crayon on a piece of paper and writing something cheesy like "Valentine, you color my world." I, of course, thought this was genius, even if it were a little cheese ball. I had a great time crushing up crayons while watching Fringe with Drew an melting them in my oven. Had I titled this entry "Three things I learned today," number 3 would be that using your oven for something other than food is really fun!

I'll show you the finished product when and if I actually finish. I'm bad about that, you know...