Apr 7, 2012

Things We Learn from the Fresh Beats

Some of you aren't lucky enough to know about the Fresh Beat Band, and for that, I offer my sympathies. Any parent of a kid 5 years of age or younger surely knows of the magical properties of the Fresh Beat Band and has, on multiple occasions, had one of their songs stuck in their head for days on end. For you unlucky souls, let me give you a quick background:

The Fresh Beat Band is a brightly colored, musical show that airs on Nick Jr. You can also find season one on Netflix instant, thank goodness! This show is about four friends, Kiki (guitar), Marina (drums), Twist (DJ) and Shout (keyboards) who live in an apartment building where they each have a room on the bottom floor and never lock their doors. They go to music school every so often, but spend most of their time singing and causing a ruckus in the town. Their antics are purely accidental as none of them have a truly mischievous bone in their body. They have friends like Reed, who owns a music store and routinely gives them musical instruments for free, and Melody, who owns a smoothie stand and also gives them smoothies for free. Obviously this show is not intended to teach children about real life, but about sharing, helping others and some groovy dance moves...

This morning, Isabel and I were watching an episode while eating breakfast where the Fresh Beats are asked to babysit two chimpanzees. Obviously, you can see that this is not going to go well...

Today's episode taught me 3 things:

1. To babysit, all you really have to know is to say "No!", "Stop!" and "Watch out!" - advice given to them by the owner of the pizza stand who asked them to babysit the chimps in the first place. Granted, I haven't babysat in a while, but I remember it being a little more complicated than that.

2. Even the Fresh Beats know about the Saturday Night Live cowbell skit. But it is just not as funny without Will Ferrell.

3. Monkeys throwing fruit at people really upsets Isabel. At one point, when saying "No!" and "Stop!" had failed, the chimps got into the smoothie stand and started throwing fruit at the Fresh Beats. This made Isabel really upset and she puckered her bottom lip and tears filled her eyes. It was the most endearing, ridiculous thing I have witnessed all morning! Of course, the Fresh Beats got everything under control, and Isabel climbed in my lap for a little mama love, and now everything is alright in the world again, but it was touch and go for a minute.
Even though this episode was a little far fetched, we generally dig the Fresh Beats and their groovy tunes and their sweet dance moves. Isabel will literally get up and dance to each and every song, and she is a GOOD dancer :)

Long live the Fresh Beat Band... No matter how many Marinas they go through.