Oct 13, 2013

Setting Goals on Sunday

Ok friends, starting a new thing tonight and I hope you will join me.

Each Sunday night, I plan to set goals for myself in four categories:


I am hoping this will be a way to keep me motivated, better myself, and truly get things done. Next Sunday, I hope to update you with what I accomplished over the week. We can keep each other accountable for our goals! Please feel free to list your goals in the comments :)


Keep kitchen clean all week
Wash all rugs and hang outside to dry
Sell, donate or trash at least 5 things in order to simplify
Get house spic and span for a party on Tuesday night


Tv free time with the girls everyday
Plan a date night with Drew for this weekend
Take the girls on a walk or to the playground at least 3 times this week


Update grades at school
Plan Homecoming Pep Rally for Friday
Host Intro to Essential Oils class on Tuesday night
Complete graphic design project for client


Paint my toenails
Eat breakfast each morning with my girls
Pray alone each morning and with both girls each evening
Keep my temper - especially when I am tired or busy

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