Dec 8, 2013

DIY Christmas Gifts - Bath Fizzies Using Young Living Essential Oils

Here is another idea for Christmas gifts that I am super excited about - DIY Bath Fizzies using Young Living Essential Oils!

My house still smells awesome from making these wonderful little treats! 


Here is what you will need:
  • 1/2 cup Citric Acid
  • 1 cup Baking Soda
  • 3/4 cup Corn Starch
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • A spray bottle with water and 5-6 drops food coloring (food coloring optional, you might also try natural ways to dye the bath fizzies)
  • 20 drops of Young Living Essential Oils
  • Ice cube trays, molds, or something to give your fizzies shape
And here is what you do:
  •  Using a fine sifter, sift together the citric acid, baking soda and corn starch. Then stir in the sugar.

  •  Using your spray bottle, spray colored water onto dry mixture, stirring constantly.  If your mixture starts to fizz, you are spraying too quickly.  This was one of the most difficult steps, but you can do it!  Spray until dampened enough that you can squeeze it with your hand and it will hold it's shape.  Add your essential oils at this point and use your hands to make sure the mixture is properly mixed.


  • When your mixture is moldable, press firmly into silicone ice cube trays.  Make sure you press into the corners so that the fizzies do not break when you remove them. 


  • Ok, I change my mind, THIS is the hardest part.  Wait overnight before you take your fizzies out of the trays.  If you are even half as impatient as I am, you have already tried removing one, haha.  I successfully got a few out a couple hours after making this recipe, but when I took the rest out this morning, I was shocked at how much easier it was to remove the hardened fizzies.


Package your fizzies in fun containers.  The one above I found at World Market.  I also used Mason jars and other containers. Tied with some pretty baker's twine, this is a wonderful gift!

I used Young Living Peppermint oil because it would be wonderful for sore muscles to soak in a bath with peppermint.  There are hundreds of other combinations you could use!  Lavender for a soothing bath, RC, Peace and Calming, Joy... try this recipe with your favorite Young Living essential oil!

Want to know how to purchase your own oils? Check out this info here!

Please remember that I am a Mama and not a doctor. These things work for us and I am in love with using homeopathic remedies for health in our home and I am excited to share them with you, but please use your best judgement for your own home


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Thank you for this! I was just thinking today how I'd love a recipe to make bath salts for my oils! However.. I think you missed a step, I don't see where to add the oils into the mixture?

Marcie said...

Hi Lisa, this recipe is not for bath salts, it is for bath Fizzies :) Bath bombs should be placed in the bath and they fizz and the oils are dispersed into the water. I used to buy bath bombs from Lush for $6 a piece! This recipe is so great and smells amazing with Young Living essential oils. I will post a recipe for bath salts soon :)

Marcie said...

I apologize, Lisa, I misread your comment! The oils are added after the mixture is dampened and before you put them in the molds. Hope that helps :)

Melissa said...

Where can one find citric acid, and how many drops of yl oil per batch?

Marcie said...

Melissa, I bought my Citric Acid at a local health food store in the refrigerator section.
I used 15-20 drops of YL oils - in this particular batch, I used 15 drops of peppermint and 5 drops of lemon.

Jess Elliott said...

This is such a great recipe! I would suggest eliminating food coloring from it, though, unless you're using natural. It's a terrible product that's really not good in any way for anyone ever, and it makes my heart sad to see it associated with such a great product (Young Living). They turned out great, though! I'm planning to make some tonight :)

Marcie said...

By all means, you can omit the food coloring, use all natural, organic food colorings or use items found in your pantry to dye the fizzies.