Jan 27, 2014

Your Young Living Home Diffuser

I hear lots of talk about the wonderful Young Living Home Diffuser. This is the diffuser that comes in the Premium starter kit. It works like a charm, fills a room with oily goodness and is easy to clean and maintain. But occasionally, some folks have troubles, so I thought I would write a post on a few tips and tricks to make your diffuser work the best for you and your family.

  • First thing's first. Take a look at the amount of water you are using in your diffuser. Inside there is a fill line - make sure you are never going over that line. This can cause water to get where it shouldn't, and, like with all ultrasonic diffusers, if it is overfilled, it will not create the "mist" you need to get the oils into the air.
  • What type of water are you using? The old diffusers required distilled water, but the newer diffusers run great (better even) on tap water. This is confirmed by the Young Living Live help!
  • How many drops of oils are you putting in your diffuser? Young Living oils are potent! I usually diffuse 3-5 drops unless someone in the house is sick, then I might bump it up a little. A little goes a long way!
  • Can you mix oils in the diffuser? Absolutely! Here are some of my favorite combos:2 drops each of Lemon, lavender and peppermint to promote normal sinus function
    2 drops each of Valor and Frankincense for a blues buster
    Check Wednesday's Blog post for more awesome Young Living Combos to diffuse!
  • The lid! It's really common for newbies to put the top on upside down, so if you are, no one has to know ;)
  • The image above is a great segway into a few tips on cleaning. It is very natural for your diffuser to have a little oily buildup on the lid and the lip where the lid sits. It is not hurting the diffuser, but if it really bothers you (obviously it doesn't bother me), then you can clean it with a bit of vinegar, some lemon oil or just rise it with water. Do not touch the metal plate, instead use a q-tip or the cleaning tool the diffuser came with to wipe the plate down.
  • After your diffuser has run and automatically shut off, it is perfectly normal to have a tbsp or so of water left at the bottom. No need to dump this, just put more water, more oils and restart!
  • What do you do if you accidentally overfilled the diffuser and now it isn't working? Try letting it dry out for a day or so and see if it works again. Usually that works!

Interested in finding out how to get one of these awesome diffusers of your very own??  Check out this info here!

Please remember that I am a Mama and not a doctor. These things work for us and I am in love with using homeopathic remedies for health in our home and I am excited to share them with you, but please use your best judgement for your own home.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love, love, love my diffuser, cannot imagine a day without it. Right now I have lemon and peppermint in it. Permeates the room and house and is so calming and refreshing.

ElaineHP said...

ScarletI absolutely love, love, love my diffuser, cannot imagine a day without it. Right now I have lemon and peppermint in it. Permeates the room and house and is so calming and refreshing.

Stephanie said...

I have thieves and lemon diffusing right now!! love the smell!

Grannifreier said...

thank you for posting!!! I just got my starter kit and lost the instructions followed the info and I'm diffusing never done this before but wow does this ever make a difference in how the room smells!

Unknown said...

When I start my infuser, the water seems to bubble. And I'm now getting less steam. What could be wrong?

Southern Sass said...

So glad I found your post! I just got my diffuser in the mail and am new to using the essential oils. When do you run your diffuser? Is it okay to turn it on at night when going to bed or should you just use it during the day?

hayconsmom said...

I have the tall white one that came with my kit. I was told to use 8-10 drops. Even in doing this I'm not smelling much. I do have it in the hallway so it will reach upstairs too...is my space too big?

Brandy said...

Cool article.
Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

Absolutely love this! I use different combinations of oils in this and it diffuses nicely. The aroma in the room is light, yet you know it's there. At night I put it on the floor so that the light doesn't keep me awake ..