Feb 12, 2014

Mama Indulgences

Sometimes, heck... most of the time, being a Mama is hard work.

No matter if you are a stay at home mom or if you work out of the home, it is important to do something for yourself.  A good friend of mine once posed this analogy:  When you take a flight, the flight attendant will tell you that, in the event of an emergency, to place the oxygen on yourself first, and then help others.  It is the same in the home, occasionally, you have to put the oxygen on yourself so that you can be a good Mama to your babies.

Here are a few suggestions for ways to put the oxygen mask on yourself - do something nice for yourself, feel refreshed and be the Mama you want to be!

Pamper Yourself

This one seems pretty obvious, but definitely worth mentioning.  Think about how much better you feel when you have a new shirt, or your toes freshly painted.  Sometimes the fastest way to get a little boost is to do something nice for yourself.  One of my favorite things to do is visit the Yaya Foot Spa in Oak Cliff.  An hour of someone rubbing your feet while you recline with your eyes closed - heaven!  And it's affordable, too!  But even if you are in a small town, there are options.  Social media is a fabulous thing - find someone local who is a massage therapist or an esthetician.  Or get your hair cut! 

Take a Class

Invest in yourself with some education.  This does not necessarily mean you go back to school and get a degree, though, if that sounds up your alley, more power to you!  Take an art class or a sewing class or a writing class or a computer class.  So many options!  If you are local in Dallas, I highly recommend Oil and Cotton for some really fantastic art classes. 

Read a Book

Take your favorite book to a coffee shop, order your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy some quiet time by yourself.  Or if a social aspect sounds good to you, join a book club for some lively discussion on a topic that interests you.

Girl's Night Out

Speaking of a social outing, plan a girl's night out!  Meet up at your favorite restaurant, go to a movie, coffee shop, or get a piece of pie!  Spend some time in conversation with someone you don't have to remind to go potty ;)  Girls Night Out is a great way to remind yourself that you are not alone in your mama struggles.  Build each other up and remind each other of all the funny moments, the good times and all the reasons why being a Mama is awesome.


Remember sleep?  Yeah, me either.  But wouldn't it be luxurious to get more than 5 hours of it at a time?  Drop the laundry, put away the computer, forget the dishes... relax, Mama.  It will all be there in the morning, and treating your body right with some sleep will do a WORLD of good for you.

So, Mama, do something for yourself - put your oxygen mask on and breathe deep.

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