Feb 24, 2014

On Why I Price Shop

My husband and I are both teachers and I teach part time so that I can be with the girls more often in the afternoons.  Saying that money is tight is an understatement.  But we don't go without... when there is something on our list that we need or want, we price shop.

Here is an example:

I have been in the market for a point and shoot camera for a while.  I have a DSLR, but carrying 2 toddlers, all the stuff that goes with two toddlers and a bulky camera on an outing generally means that I won't be taking any photos.  So, after my guilty realization that I have about 2 photos that were not taken on my phone of my youngest daughter, I did a massive amount of research online for the "best" point and shoot camera.  I narrowed it down to 2 options, then I started price shopping.

I checked Amazon nearly everyday for various sellers listing products.  I checked various websites that my husband and I have bought from before for price comparisons.  And then I hit pay-dirt when I went to Target.

Apparently, this is the perfect time to buy a camera.  New models are about to come out, so they had all their current models on sale.  The camera I was looking at was $228 on Amazon - still lower than retail value, but with tax, I was looking at close to $250 to bring it home.

At Target, it on sale for $195.

PLUS, the Cartwheel app had a 10% off any camera coupon.

PLUS, the Target Red card gets me an additional 5% off.

PLUS, I had $30 left on a Target gift card from Christmas.

PLUS, I got the "floor model" that had never been used - just stored in the case for an additional 10% off.

So, WITH tax, my camera came to $149.

$100 in savings!!!

When I checked the Cartwheel app before I left the house, I also noticed that there was a coupon for 25% off Fisher Price Little People sets.  I made my rounds through the toy section looking for deals and I was able to stack a sale with this coupon and get my daughter a really neat Little People horse castle for 50% off retail value!  Sure, I will have to put it in the closet until her birthday next month, but I also have $25 that I might not have had previously to invest in organic foods or essential oils ;)  haha.  Now you see my motivation!

Here are a few tips when there is something on your wish list:

1.  Set a Goal and don't settle.  You will be unhappy with an item that you settled for - the $80 model versus the $150 model.  Do your research and decide which item has the features you want and which one you would use the most.

2.  Check out this site that lists various objects and when they go on sale.  Plan your purchase for that time of the year.  

3.  Start searching online.  Try Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, Craigslist, and various other websites that might have information on the product you are looking for.

4.  Use deal sites like Retail Me Not and Ebates.  Retail Me Not has links for online coupons and codes at a wide variety of websites.  Ebates is a rebate program where you get money back for making purchases at certain websites - this is a really cool (and legit) program.  I have actually gotten checks from Ebates :)

5.  Be patient!  This is the hardest step, I promise ;)  It would be so easy to jump on Amazon at 11 pm and click the "order" button, but wait until you feel you have exhausted your options.  Many times, Amazon will be the best price, but not always!

I'd love to hear some deals you are proud of!  Please share in the comments!

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