Mar 10, 2014

You Rock, Mama!

Every time I turn around, I see a new blog post that (maybe inadvertently) makes me pang with guilt that I am not enjoying this season of parenthood - what I lovingly refer to as Toddler Olympics.

These posts showcase the insecurities that parents feel... remind us of our shortfalls, of our mistakes. And make me feel inadequate for being a working mom, for not being grateful for stepping on that Lego, for having to run run run all day, for not sitting down and do art projects with my girls, for not loving every second of my weary days...

So, to these posts, I have a counter post.  Instead of the Top 10 Mistakes you make on a daily basis, I would like to take a few minutes and highlight TEN ways you ROCK at being a parent (I'm sure there are many more, but this is a blog post for heaven's sake!).

  1. You wake up every single morning.
  2. You are the one they run to when they have a booboo.
  3. You care about their well-being enough to feel insecure and guilty when you read those other posts.
  4. Playing with your kids is more important than showering - so obviously your priorities are totally in line ;)
  5. You go outside of your comfort zone to ensure their happiness - whether that be going to a playgroup with other moms you don't know, or singing in the middle of Target to get them to stop crying.
  6. The snot on your shirt proves you hug, carry and love on your babies.
  7. You sacrifice yourself by napping with your little when it is the only way they will sleep.
  8. They came from you (or maybe they didn't), and they are a product of YOU (whether by DNA or by environment).
  9. The last 5 movies you saw were rated G, were filled with songs that you sing in the car and talk about on facebook.
  10. You do your best to be a better person to set an example for your littles.  It's stinkin' hard, but you do it.  And that totally ROCKS!

 Take heart, mom (or dad, or grandma, etc.), these phases do pass all too quickly, and though we should do our best to enjoy them, it is totally ok to think they suck, too.  

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