Apr 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Today, my baby turns 2.

My heart both soars and grieves as she grows into a beautiful little girl - no longer a baby even though that is what we all call her.  Each day, she brings a brightness into my life, and my mama heart is sad that the days of snuggles and kisses are slipping through my grasp like sand, but so thankful for who she is and what she means to me.

I truly never knew that my heart could hold so much love until this beautiful little one entered my life. 

10 Beautiful Things I Don't Want To Forget:

1.  Your amazingly beautiful smile - you can literally brighten a room just with your sweet smile and you certainly brighten my days.

2.  Your singing - I love when you wake up in the mornings singing at the top of your lungs the "Baseball Game" song, or "Let it Go!"

3.  "Knee-Knees" when you get your diaper changed - you stand with your feet apart and wiggle your knees back and forth in a dance that is so sweet and funny.

4.  Your laugh - bubbly and contagious

5.  The way you say certain words and phrases - my favorites are "No Ma'am", "IzzyBell", "Awebell", "That's my favorite"....

6.  Your adoration of your big sister - you want to play with her, hold her hand, and you always want to be around her.

7.  Your love of books - you can go to the book shelf and take a book and be so enthralled looking at the words and pictures.

8.  Your love of shoes - never have I met a child who was so in love with footware.  You would rather match shoes and try on every pair than play with most toys.

9.  Your intelligence - at 2 years old, you know so much that it surprises me on a daily basis!  And you are learning so quickly from your big sister and from books.

10.  Your "huggles" - oh my sweet baby how I love your snuggles.  And I so love that you still WANT to snuggle with your mama. 

Olivia Catherine - your mama and daddy love you SO.  We pray everyday that you will continue to grow into a strong, smart, healthy young woman of God.  I look forward to everyday with you and I am so thankful for you!  Happy birthday to my beautiful Baby!

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lisa said...

She is a fabulous child! And a true gift from God. I can't believe she's 2!!! That means Killian will be 2 in seven weeks. Oh my goodness!