May 31, 2014

Mini Me

I am one blessed Mama.  I have two beautiful girls who are funny, smart, kind...  I love them both beyond measure and they have rounded out my life like I never even could have imagined.

But my little Livvy... my "Baby"... she is my Mini Me.


 The photo on the left is me.  The photo on the right is Olivia.  There is definitely a resemblance, but our similarities go beyond looks.

Here are 8 Ways Olivia is my Mini Me:

1.  She LOVES to "huggle" (aka Snuggle).  I was born to snuggle. 
2.  She loves to shop.  Her favorite store is Michael's (the craft store) and she will tell you LOUDLY that she wants to go to MICHAEL'S!  As an artist, I love that her favorite store sells art supplies.
3.  Livvy has as much of a sweet tooth as her mama.  She would rather eat fruit and yogurt than meat any day of the week.
4.  The girl loves to sing - loudly.  And she doesn't care if it's the right words or if she sounds horrible.  She just wants to sing.
5.  And she loves to dance - same as above - doesn't matter the steps, she has a rhythm and she can't stop until she gets it out, haha.  So much like her mama.
6.  She loves to laugh and to make people laugh.  
7.  She is SMART!  She was saying complete sentences before some of her big sister's friends even were.  She knows her animals, songs, numbers... she is shockingly smart.
8.  She has a temper.  Sorry, Liv, for giving you that one ;)

 I would have to make a longer list for ways my oldest, Izzy, is her daddy's mini me ;)  I will work on that for another post!

Do you have children?  Do you notice that one of your kids is just like you or your significant other?  Or a blend of the two?

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